Bosendorfer 225

  at StudioJones

When I was ten years old, I had the magical experience of playing a Bosendorfer Concert Grand on loan at the local summer music camp near my hometown in western Kentucky.  The piano was staged in the expansive chapel, and was "hands off" except on rare occasion, such as this one opportunity for a young pianist to be given permission to play an extraordinary instrument that was normally reserved exclusively for the artist-in-residence.


The chapel was empty, and as my fingers pressed the keys, my senses were flooded with realizations:  this piano's tone was big and gorgeous, the action was delicate and responsive; this piano was forgiving and fun to play!


My childhood memory has held true through the years, and I am now blessed to own a Bosendorfer 225 at StudioJones.  I recorded my fourth album, "Art On The Piano" on it April 2019, and am so happy to now share it with you!

~holly jones

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