Holly’s compositions are described as reverent and impressionistic, with the unique ability to transcend the listener instantly to that place of inherent innocence within themselves.  Deeply introspective, her awareness of the purity of music results in pieces that bring clarity of truth to her audiences with a sense of deep calm.

With “Art On The Piano” Holly won Enlightened Piano Radio's 2020 Best New Artist award.  Additionally, the album won 2019 Best Solo Piano Album for One World Music Radio, was a finalist for Whisperings’ 2019 Solo Piano Album of the Year, and was a finalist for SoloPiano.com's 2019 Album of the Year.  Her music can be heard on all digital platforms, including SpaXM and many airlines.

From her earliest of years, Holly has sought the answers to the deeper questions of life and has discovered music to be the setting in which time stands still and answers are revealed. She derives her inspiration from insight into the everyday mundane and seeks wisdom in the quiet in which she "clears the debris" of the mind, bringing clarity to her world.


Born in western Kentucky, Holly began studying violin at age three, piano at eight, and composition at nine.  Her training includes many years of private study, as well as classical piano and composition at Indiana University.


As a physical therapist, Holly has an inherent understanding of the healing power of music, and is committed to the art of creating pieces that are “good for the neurology.”


“I wish for my music to reach the truth in each person listening…to help them take pause in the busyness of life and to bring them a sense of peace and clarity.  I envision that my music is played to bring a person back to their center, providing an acoustic environment of healing…and when one listens closer, it can ‘take them away’…and always to the best place…”  ~holly jones

...piano for peace and calm


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