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American award-winning pianist and composer Holly Jones writes pieces inspired by daily events, seen through the eyes of meditation. 

Holly's study of human and spiritual anatomy for twenty-plus years as a physical therapist has led her to compose pieces for wellness and mental health; creating music that is profoundly healing to the emotional tissue.

With over 80 million streams globally and 700K monthly Spotify listeners, Holly’s music is appreciated worldwide and can be heard on Spotify's Peaceful Piano, Apple Music's Piano Chill, Pure Calm, and Melancholy Piano, Spa XM, numerous Pandora Editorial Stations, and several airlines.  


Growing up with classical music all around her, Holly began the violin at three alongside her two older siblings; piano at eight, and enjoying the thrill of composing at nine.  She has completed many years of private study, including piano and composition at Indiana University. 

Her album 'The Christmas Piano' won's 2020 Best Holiday Piano category award.  'Art On The Piano' won awards Enlightened Piano Radio's 2020 Best New Artist, One World Music Radio's 2019 Best Solo Piano Album, and was nominated for Whisperings Radio 2019 Album of the Year.

From Holly:  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Thank you for sharing in the love of peaceful piano music; wishing you a day of clarity and inner peace 💜 🎹 

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